Why should I, a functioning adult, hire a coach?

I hired one because I didn’t trust myself to make a decision to save my life. It turned out pretty great for me.


Feel Better Naked

Get DownDOG And DIRTY with me

It’s not all yoga and games, but it could be.

Wednesday Classes

Shape up & vibe up with me online or in Mesa on Wednesdays

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1:1 Body-Trouble-Shooting

60-minute Zoom session. Learn to optimize your primal breath & movement patterns, to experience a new confidence and freedom in your body.

(In-person sessions available for personal friends – text me if interested)


The Body Experience

Capture breathtaking intimate portraits while cultivating self-awareness, unshakeable confidence, and sick abs.


I didn’t walk away from my coaching sessions with all of the answers. But over the following days, weeks, and months — every single answer I needed came through. Lizzy has a gift. Don’t wait.


Lizzy helped me sort through the clutter in my mind and find what really matters to me by taking a deep inventory of the components of my life to determine where to focus my energy and figure out the first steps to getting unstuck, excited, and joyful about my journey.


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