How can YOU benefit from my yoga practice? My Bachelor of Science in Economics? My curiosity? My burning passion for dance parties and cost-benefit analyses?

Hi, I’m Lizzy House. Raised on logic puzzles and cozy-confessional slumber parties, I’m told I “make the mundane magical.”

I help bright, serious people reset their self-talk, habits, and default future. I help you feel safe, empowered, and worthy to do the cool art and work you’re here for. I help you get out of your own way, ground your epiphanies, turn healthy practices into lifestyle, and ENJOY THE JOURNEY. 

As a transformational life coach, I delight in holding my clients accountable to their self-awareness, strengths, and dreams. As a yoga and mindfulness teacher, I help you breathe easier by sharing practical tools to remain clear, open-minded, and agile in the midst of uncertainty, stress, distraction, and change.

The fruits of my yoga practice support my coaching and teaching by empowering me to be radically, non-judgementally present with you.

And I bet you’ll tell me the truth. Your truth. The one buried beneath art-scars and stories-of-inadequacy. This is not an invitation to lie and see if you can get away with it. This is simply a reflection of how often I hear, “I don’t know why I’m telling you all of this… wow… thank you for listening… I hadn’t seen it that way before.” 

The economist in me is a geek for optimization in alignment with your goals.

We are input-output machines capable of enormous change when we tinker with the right variables. Nothing lights me up more than asking the questions that help you define your “problem,” which in turn reveals your exhilarating solution.

The dance machine in me honors and salutes the dance machine in you, shaking it off, shifting perspective, and seeing what’s on the other side of silly. I volunteer and work as an art therapy mentor with at-risk youth and believe that our deepest, darkest shadows, shame, and traumas are integrated  and transmuted into strengths through self-empathy, self-expression, and play. 

Trained in critical thinking at Syracuse University, Transformational Life Coaching at The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, and fierce yoga & meditation medicine through Forrest Yoga, I’d be honored to help you uncover peace, purpose, and aligned forward momentum in your life.





Cool Story but… Who ARE You?


Once Upon A Time

I was raised just outside Boston, MA by an engineer father and a hospice nurse mother. (Yes, I’m wicked smart. And no, I’ve never parked my car in Harvard Yard and I don’t give a shit about baseball.)

I’ve called Phoenix home since moving here in 2009 for the breathtaking skies.


Write On

My heart races recalling writing stories as a little girl.

In June, my coach asked what I want. I watched in horror as the title of the book I hadn’t started tumbled out of my mouth. Oh shit. Now it’s real… Now, I’m two drafts in and can’t wait for you to read it.


Beginner’s Mind

Avid-amateur guitarist, piano tickler, One Wheeler, sail0r, singer, meditator, artist, and human.

Every relationship is a classroom. I’m grateful to learn and grow as my clients & students do. You inspire me to expand my comfort zone as you redefine the limits of yours.


A little peek…

 Into my teaching philosophy, life purpose, and approach to surviving 2020-lockdown. 

Thank you to Inner Monologue for the conversation and breaking the seal on my first podcast! (He’s always welcoming new contributors. Share your story!)

I join the convo ~minute 23.