Habit Bootcamp

Starts May 3, 2021

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Learn to Change

It’s easiest to start a habit when you have a Habit Plan, an Accountability System, and a Big Enough “Why.” This program supplies the first two and helps you get crystal clear on the third.

Learn to Trust Yourself

It’s easier to start a habit than to break one. What do you want to start? When we fill our life with “good stuff,” the “not-so-good” is edged out. 

Trust Yourself to Change

Collect evidence that you follow through, that you know and do what is right for you… and marvel at how your life aligns around you.

The way you do anything is the way you do everything.


This 6-week, habit-science-based program supports deep self-discovery through weekly group-coaching exercises, and private onboarding and off-ramping calls


When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported back, the rate of improvement accelerates.” — Pearson’s Law


Sometimes it’s easier to see ourselves in someone else. And there’s nothing quite like the magic of vulnerability in community


We’ll meet avoidant and self-sabotaging tendencies head-on, equipping us to recognize & overcome them when they pop up elsewhere

The best time to start a new habit is when your routine is disrupted… Thanks for the support, 2020!


Changing your life will feel like a breeze with the support of Private and Group Coaching.


Goal Setting

In your private Onboarding Call, we’ll get clear on what you really want and why, and develop your personal plan for success.


Six Group Coaching Calls

6-7pm MST every Tuesday for six-weeks, we’ll work through coaching exercises and guided meditations to support your commitment to change. 


Daily Support

This program is designed to be unintrusive. You’ll be paired with a Support Buddy and, each week, you’ll have the option to go deeper with journal prompts and guided meditations.


Success Plan

In your Private, Offramp Coaching Call, we’ll set you up to sustain and build on your success