Your glutes drive your will forward

They enable you to fuck the world. Hard. Make manifest. Your gluteus maximus muscles propel you.

Go on, try it. Give ’em a good squeeze 😉

Being the biggest (meatiest, juiciest) muscle in the body, glute max crushes calories while you sleep. Your gluteus maximus is also your chief anti-gravity muscle (Chief Anti-Gravity, sir!), flexing to pull your fine ass up stairs and mountains and corporate ladders. 

And! They aide in hip extension, meaning: having a great ass will make your backbends prettier… and safer… and better feeling, AND: strengthening your gluteus maximus aides in the release of tight hip flexors. Your psoas (a major hip flexor, and the primary muscle of “fight of flight”) is the body’s “emotional junk drawer,” thought to store traumatic experiences for when they can be safely unpacked “later.” Thus, powerful glutes (when wielded correctly) support emotional release and relief.)


Try this next time you’re freaking out… racing thoughts, overwhelming emotions…

Try squeezing your butt with all your might. Add a powerful flare to your toes and you have a chance at staying embodied, emotionally steady, and clear headed. You may notice your chest lifts, you’re breathing easier. Tension melts from head, neck, shoulders as your fired glutes heat your body.

When we contract our muscles, they generate heat in our body. When we contract our largest muscles, they generate a lot of heat. Heat melts, expands, softens.

In my yoga classes and in The Body Experience, my Fine Ass Art collaboration with Faces of Mitchell, we use these principals to capture breathtaking photos and tone your booty while facilitating your comfort and your deep, supple, expressive backbends. 

In closing, if you like getting what you want in life, Work. Dat. Ass.

Sitting Makes Your Butt Sad

Spend as much time in a lunge position as you can.

Get Up To Get Down (with Bridges)

Lay on your back, knees up, heels directly under them. Initiate the movement with your tailbone. Tucking tailbone up, let the motion ignite your glutes to lift your hips. Squeeze (or pulse) your beautiful glutes at the top. Go for 3 sets of 12 reps.

Drop Down & Get Your Donkey On

Donkey kicks. On all fours, knit your low ribs in. Keep your hips squared to the floor throughout. Keeping your left knee bent, extend left heel to the sky.

As you extend your heel up, make a “shhh” noise, feeling your belly button squeeze to your spine. The “shhh noise” activates your Transverse Abdominus, known as your corset muscle. Hot Girl Summer 2021 is NOT cancelled. Try 3 sets of 12 reps on each leg.

For bonus burn on the last rep of each set, hold heel at its highest height and pulse it up an inch, up an inch, up an inch (maintaining low rib knit, square hips, and navel to spine!) for 10 seconds.


Happy rump day 🙂

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