Private coaching

Uncomfortable in your own life?

Depressed? Anxious? Angry? Bored? Lost? Frustrated? Jealous? Trapped?


I’ve been there.


Maybe you’re in the “wrong” career, live in the “wrong” city, or married the “wrong” person.

Maybe you wish you could hard reset and start from scratch.


I’ve been there, too.

Change Your Life


Disclaimer 1: When you change your situation w/out changing your mind, your “problems” tend to follow. 

Disclaimer 2: Change your mind, and your situation will likely change. 



I know, it’s scary, but you are here to do big things. We’re all here to impact the world in our (own, weird) way.



As your transformational life (courage, clarity, creativity, contentment) coach, I’ll help you understand and align with your values, passions, and vibrant wellbeing.

Let’s get clear on what you’re here for and shut down all your outdated self-talk telling you otherwise.



Ready to get curious? Let’s start with a complimentary, 30-minute Discovery Call to ascertain fit.

Like how you wish you could interview a therapist before wasting an hour realizing you don’t quite *click*


Did you know…

Scientists believe caterpillars boil to complete annihilation before emerging as butterflies. Meaning: discomfort’s not all bad; it might mean you’re evolving. But does it have to be so uncomfortable?

Negative emotions are our allies. They point to what we want. Our deepest shame and most frustrating flaws point to our biggest strengths. 

And… that deep, dark stuff’s easier to look at when you’re heart-centered and having fun.

And oh, the relief you’ll feel on the other side.


I had already tried therapy, medication, even psychedelics to try to fully harness and grasp my higher self. Now I know I don’t need anything outside of myself to get to a better place.