Heres How To Find That ROI


Maybe it’s worth the cost of executive and customer-facing-employee man-hours to have your staff sit through a one-off meditation… can we put a dollar value on the positive ripple effects of helping your team take their first deep breath all week (month, year)? Sure we can! And can’t you imagine that dollar value exponentializing when your teams adopt regular mindfulness habits? 

Settled bodies settle bodies. Calm people calm people. When you’re at your best, situations diffuse.

All my yoga teacher friends agree, it’s the remembering that matters. It’s the consistency that counts. It’s not enough to simply want change. We need to believe in the method and we need to schedule success.


Practicing gratitude daily, I reset my default response. 
Jotting down three big wins each day, I now seek out ways to win big in my daily life.
Practicing meditation daily, I now enjoy space between my thoughts.





Stay present and thrive in board meetings AND boring meetings





I understand that your team is already overwhelmed and overscheduled six ways to Sunday. I also know that when we “don’t have time to meditate” is when we need to prioritize mindfulness most. 

In my corporate-finance days, I curated a toolkit of guerilla mindfulness techniques to stay present and thrive in board meetings and boring meetings. I’ve since leveraged that experience, along with my training as a yoga teacher, transformational life coach, and art therapy mentor to develop and lead mindfulness programs for tech startups, nonprofits, homeless kids and adults with intellectual disabilities. 

My programs teach Tactical Mindfulness. It is my honor, pleasure, and passion to meet your employees where they’re at and equip them with practical tools to remain clear, open-minded, and agile in the midst of uncertainty, stress, distraction, and change. 

Tactical Mindfulness Training helps teams develop the skills to focus on the task at hand (yes, even their fourth hour of Zoom), down-regulate their nervous systems, and treat each other and themselves with empathy and respect. Participants experience the calming, revitalizing, and focusing power of mindfulness firsthand and leave armed with an action plan to implement mindfulness into their daily life.


That’s How You Get Your R.O.I.

Make mindfulness routine. Make its rewards clear. Make it attractive. Make it easy. 

Start Your Own Mindful Ripple Effect

In the meantime, choose one (or more, you go-getter) of these simple techniques to practice every day (same time, same place) for two weeks. Bonus points if you remember at least once a day to reach for your new tool when you notice you’re stressed, irritated, or lost in unproductive thought.


Let Fury Be Your Cue! 

Cubicle rage is real. Transmute it by practicing “Soles of the Feet Meditation.” This research-backed, body awareness meditation was designed to empower adults with intellectual disabilities to live harmoniously in community by teaching them to diffuse their anger and aggression. It works. 


Rinse Your Mind While You Wash Your Hands

Practice being really present while washing your hands. Fill your mind with only the tangible present moment. Leverage your senses to ground into your physical reality and persevere in swiping away all other thoughts.

I know, it’s weirdly difficult. That’s why we practice! You got this. It’s only two rounds of “happy birthday.”


The feel of the water temperature, the soap, your own hands. Feel into your weight distribution across the soles of your feet.

The sound of the water. What’s the furthest perceptible sound? Can you hear your own breath?

The sight of water flowing, soap bubbles reflecting rainbows, your own hands… stay out of story and judgement! When you notice you’ve hopped on a runaway thought train, affectionately acknowledge the humanness of it and return your attention to the observable. 

The smell of… you get the idea. 


Gamify Your Worries

Choose one thing not to think about during this one work day. I suggest you choose your most troubling, non-urgent worry. Note: This is not an invitation to avoid your life & responsibilities. If your worry is calling for you to take action, mindfully carve out the time to do so. 

This is an invitation to give yourself a break. If you’re struggling to reach a decision or figure out how to diffuse a multi-faceted disaster in your personal life, and you don’t need to resolve it in the next ten hours… stop struggling. Make like your I.T. team and turn off your overworked processor. Let it rest before restarting. Your answer will come. Don’t torture yourself trying to rush it.

Here’s how to play: have an index card/piece of paper/digital device handy, decide when you’re willing to entertain this newly off-limits topic again (when you clock out? tomorrow? Tuesday?), and the game is afoot! Now, each time you notice yourself remunerating on your chosen worry, CONGRATULATE yourself for the awareness, and REPLACE the habit of “worrying” with the act of making a checkmark on your index card, spreadsheet, roommate’s arm. Then, dive back into the present moment and do the work in front of you. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.


Log Three Big Wins 

At the end of every day. Similar to a gratitude practice in approach and effect, I find the practice of hunting and creating Big Wins far more empowering. Where gratitude gifts us with open-mindedness, positive-outlook, and acceptance, Big-Win-awareness bolsters our drive and sense of personal power. 

The cool part? Your Big Wins needn’t be “Big” by anyone else’s standards. Simple wins are huge. The cooler part? If your Big Wins aren’t “Big enough” for you, AND IF you keep practicing, the friction of your perceived-unimpressiveness will light a productive fire in you. 

Look for ways to make yourself proud and you’ll find them.

Need Some Help?

Too much on your plate to change your life? I empower clients to reset their day-to-day and their default future with Private Coaching.

I’d love to hear

How did these practices work for you? What positive ripple effects are you noticing?

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